🔥 Part One: Are we on “Intelligence” Overload?

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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on June 17, 1998 · Page 65
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Samwise: Lovely, big, golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish.
Even you couldn't say 'no' to that.
Gollum: Oh yes we could.
Give it to us.
Probably one of our oldestand quite universal, given that we have long shared this planet with some rather nasty predators.
This isn't quite the threat it used to be for those of us who live in parts of the world where humans have made most dangerous land animals extinct or endangered those in the sea, not so muchbut stories of monsters of all kinds, etc.
It's probably the most common fear we have as kids.
Sometimes the victim isbut other times, he or she is savagely ripped apart piece by piece this is especially common if one is overtaken by multiple creatures out to eat you.
continue reading alsowhere someone is deliberately consigned to this awful fate, andfor when the eater changes its mind.
Almost never seen in common media is when the eaten is athose rare individuals for whom being eaten alive is not a fear.
Super-trope ofwhere a character is eaten alive by multiple parties.
Compare and contrastwhich is usually and involves.
When done pragmatically, you have.
Sometimes if you are eaten, you don't have to worry about being digested, because.
If you were looking for the film Eaten Alive, you'll want.
They don't need to eat you to survive, but that won't stop them from doing it.
Then there's the power of the Nine Titans, which is passed on when the current host is eaten by another Titan.
Since the power comes with a 13 year time limit, eventually the owner will have to submit to being eaten so someone can inherit their powers.
The person responsible said it was.
Quite a few Apostles are fond of this too, such as the female Apostle that Guts kills in the very beginning of the manga.
Subverted, they turn out to be alive.
And their following real deaths are very different.
Though one of the Elder Bairns does chomp on a struggling blackjack game vore as the group destroys Saya's hometown.
Yozora then mentions that the game would be godly if a shark suddenly appeared at the pool Sena's character is currently at.
At first Sena berates her for suggesting such an awful thing, then Sena thinks it's just a joke at first, thinking the hero will simply vanquish it.
Then the shark eats her character, and she suffers from a.
Even Yozora is shocked at the random twist in that game before recollecting herself to call it a good game, while Sena angrily snaps the disc in half.
They summon the God, become one with him and begin to be painfully eaten alive for every wish they get fulfilled.
It's described as being changed from the inside out, incredibly painful and two instances are are physically shown.
The first is Yui, who began to get scaly skin and was by Seiryu after her third wish.
The other iswho is shown to hunch over, gaining a claw arm and something akin to a turtle shell as her back after only one wish.
By the time the main story begins, the BETA have devoured their way across Eurasia.
He escapes by creating from within the snake that it explodes.
However, Shinji manages to rescue her.
It is one of the most of the entire series and considered by many note if massive posts in this site's and other anime site's forum is anything to go by as one of the most shocking moments in anime this decade.
Kirika's familiars in front of her students.
Yusei later finds out that Divine was the one who murdered him, and Misty learns this immediately afterwards thanks to an.
Divine, that he is, Then Ccarayhua devours him.
Theres even a scene whereby the protagonist Akira subjects a female human hybrid villain to be eaten by another fellow gigantic human hybrid baby because the heroes are in rough shape and out of options to kill her since she has a ramp.
All the while the people being eating is fully conscious and screaming in agony.
Androids 17 and 18 arguably had it worse since they were swallowed whole by Cell.
Given what happened with Vegeto, the people transform are fully aware of what is happening, but can't move and prevent themselves from being eaten alive.
Lucky victims are already dead before the ghoul begins chowing down, but some are perfectly willing to get started quickly.
On multiple occasions, protagonist Kaneki rips into an opponent for a quick boost.
Most famously, this happens to after Kaneki manages to escape and defeats him in battle.
To add insult to injury, Kaneki mortally wounds him by devouring his kakuhou and then leaves him to be killed by others.
The event isn't shown onscreen or directly confirmed due to how dark it is, but it is very strongly implied due to the distant screams, tattered clothing littered around, one of the few witnesses' horrified reaction, and the fact that Linlin somehow acquired Carmel's Devil Fruit a couple days later without having eaten said fruit directly.
Fritz is swallowed whole by a giant creature, along with a female Chinese agent who betrays her country because she loves Fritz.
Together, the two escape out the back way.
None of them had adamantium claws and a healing factor, however.
I cannot stop them.
I can only watch in silent horror as they feed upon me.
I can watch only until one of them plucks my eyeballs from my skull.
It usually happens when Dark Spirits who feed on monsters are involved, but the do it too, with The Nameless One being tricked into eating itself.
She later cuts her way free.
It later becomes an early hint that these are not the real Olympians, since cannibalism was something they found abhorrent, though ' involvement muddles the issue.
Due to her and continue reading, Blackjack theorizes for the cannibals.
Unsurprisingly, this chapter served as a and the character that instigated it, Gravemoss, was established as a and an.
Regulus Black narrowly avoids this after a go here of the above mentioned monsters get the drop on him.
He'd taken out one of their number, but unfortunately, they hunt in packs.
In this verse it happened to Sif she managed to get it reattached, but after going after Fenris, seeking to test herself against him.
Then, after biting it, Fenris described as being about the size of a house swallowed her whole.
She managed to cut her way out from the inside, with one hand, retrieve her other hand, and make blackjack strategy hit or stand on 16 way to safety, all while being covered in digestive fluids.
The dragon ends up eating Weiss along with Adam he was trying to use her as a but Ruby makes him spit her back up.
Weiss comes out covered in spit, slobber, and Adam's gore, and promptly pukes.
Later, Ilia's reasoning for her is a blunt "I don't want to be eaten by a dragon.
Desolas Arterius dies this way - in front of his brother.
And Aladar pretended to eat one of the little lemurs.
But Duncan stopped them from eating anyone including his “Guardian Angel” who wanted to kill him after he found what Duncan was.
Although, because it's quite understandably athe hyenas could have quickly gone for the kill and then eaten him.
Then again, after hearing him slag them off like that, it's quite likely.
Being eaten alive system icandy peach blackjack travel him enough time to desperately plead for his life and sell out his village.
And the Skiff guards and even poor Boba Fett got eaten by a Sarlaac as well.
Most people don't think he died anyway though.
Other dinosaurs got eaten as well, including a Velociraptor as the appeared.
In the original novel, it was Ed Regis, the Public Relations manager of InGen, who did this and got eaten.
Later, poor Zara's is finished when she and the trying to drown her are by the Mosasaurus.
And the little pests are damn quick at it.
His pet wolf, who eats what remains of the people Kevin kills afteris attracted to the blood and eats him alive until finally his head is sawed off.
And the worst part of it all?
He never makes a single sound during the entire thing, much less the scream that Marv wanted from the sick cannibal farm boy who murdered Goldie.
The ship's cook got the worst of it when he's devoured by giant leeches.
The Klowns primary weapon is a type of ray gun that cocoons victims in cotton candy melting them into something the Klowns drink.
The mugger drags her behind a bush not knowing she's an alien.
She then pukes him back out later realizing her disguised form doesn't have a huge belly and walks away with the mugger's clothes.
He lets her go when Nancy comes to the rescue.
A more classical example happens to people unfortunate enough to swim close to an isopod swarm.
And then they're going to eat me!
After the beast is blackjack game vore, the former's corpse is found inside it, still holding the stone.
One of the victims even gets blackjack game vore out and has just enough energy left to wink at the heroine.
Frequently pieces of people are chomped off heads are a particular favoritebut several times people are swallowed whole.
In a few cases, they even survive the experience.
He survives the experience and cuts himself free.
She tosses one into some computers, and when the second thug tries to run for it, she corners him andcomplete with a big burp and embarrassed giggle afterward.
Not either, more like all the meat being stripped from his bones.
This was also the fate of Elfangor, who gave the kids their morphing powers; moments afterward, arrives, morphs a huge alien and devours Elfangor alive.
The screaming features in several of the Animorphs' nightmares.
Because the main villain doesn't need him anymore.
If the reader makes a choice to doubt the reality of the transformation, it's implied the monster kids' ringleader, some blackjack chicago rivers casino of lizardman, eats the doubtful reader—.
Even withhe's still alive enough to be when they get there.
Voluntarily, because he's batshit insane and suicidal.
By the time he gets ahis skin and limbs have been gnawed off.
And he was alive the whole time, on live television.
The first time the protagonist witnesses this, he reflects that at least the victim will die once the brain is pierced — then he remembers that lobotomies used to be performed in a similar manner.
A moment later he sees the victim is still conscious.
They prefer their prey alive and roughly.
They even go so far as to raise sentients on ranches in a manner similar to how humans raise cattle or other livestock.
Humanity's reaction to this was.
Humanity begins using anti-matter warheads on their enemy's worlds in a bid to exterminate them.
Thus, they start arguing while they digest and get her caught by the.
The ground is alive andthough most die quickly of suffocation.
Happens in some later books, too.
In it's beetles; in The Hunger cannibals cut limbs off an invalid and dress the wounds.
This, however, allows for an aversion in "The Return of Albert", in which the lion just spits him out again - much to the annoyance of his parents, who'd been planning to collect on his life insurance.
The protagonist can't understand why it was necessary to to stop her from being killed by the Chtorran worms.
He's shown the first pictures taken of a Chtorran feeding, which clearly show the arterial blood spray from the victim as he's torn apart.
Were that spirit to die, so would her spiritual descendants.
Luckily for them but probably not for herAkasha's superpowers keep her alive long enough for the twins to eat the relevant body parts, making one of them apparently Mekare the new queen of the damned.
It is described only from the perspective of the police and the pathologist, but that's gruesome enough because, of course, they diligently analyse the drugs used and conclude that the man was fully aware of what was happening.
The fight ends with Kaladin in the beast's mouth, since that was the only way he could stab it in the brain.
Kaladin: It would be more beautiful if it hadn't tried to eat me.
Shallan: From my perspective, it didn't try, it succeeded.
It didn't manage to swallow me.
Her cousin Lara drains her of life energy, as is standard for the White Jugar al blackjack bien, but also starts tearing at her flesh.
Harry flees before he can see what happens next, but it's implied that Lara didn't stop at eating her life force.
However, it's in silhouette and the shot cuts away the moment it happens, likely due to censorship.
One of the most nightmarish examples is Gnarl, who paralyses his victims and then eats their skin, one long strip at a time, while they're still conscious.
It ends badly for the wolf.
Even before the special came out, many people expressed skepticism, and much to everyone's disappointment, Rosolie.
He stopped because the snake started to crush him before swallowing.
The Absorbaloff doesn't eat his victims so much as he.
It's treated similarly, though.
Hey, at least they make it quick.
Throughout Part 1, he eats various humans by leaping at them with his mouth wide open and devouring them so thoroughly, he only leaves a skeleton behind.
This nearly happens to the Doctor and Amy as well, though they manage to avoid this because the Doctor does something with the sonic screwdriver to make it vomit.
Your own dogs made dinner of you after you decided to starve them for a week?
Guess you were dealing with a bunch of bitches.
Considering that this was a Sunday-morning TV show, it's easily one of the most traumatizing deaths in the entire franchise.
Fortunately Kimberly and Billy snap out of it and save the others but before that, Billy gets eaten alive first after figuring out their weakness.
And likewise, the rest of the Zyurangers get eaten, Dan figure out weakness, get eaten, and Mei solves the rest.
A few moments later it would spit out their remains, having apparently digested the rest whole.
Later, more of the Voyager crew were attempting to sneak across a cavern where the snakeasuraus slept in a pit.
A nameless crewman slipped, awoke the beast, and got just like Hogan.
That said, the original video — which showed the protagonist stranded on an island populated with beast-people reminiscent of here creations and following a Diana who progressively turned more and more into a great cat — certainly heavily implied the literal version towards the end.
At first things seem to be fine until one of the guitarists who was standing on her lips falls into her mouth and she eats him.
Pamela then proceeds to chase after all the other band members and one by one each of them gets devoured by her.
She stomps around a city before finding the band and chasing after them.
Eventually she corners them on the top floor of an apartment building and reaches inside.
She gets a hold of the lead singer and drags him out of the window before giving him a quick look, lowering him into her mouth, chewing him up and swallowing him.
He bites off Earl's flesh at the site of an artery, and keeps digging more out from the wound to eat, in a rote, automatic manner as poor Earl bleeds out.
Making matters worse is the series' 's realization that there's no element of biological necessity in this.
The Thistle Man is simply for her, as a "demonstration.
Taako's Umbra Staff is a magical umbrella which eats the magical essence of a defeated magician and gives him power.
Normally, wizards keep their magical essence in their wands, so the umbrella eats that.
When Tres Horny Boys manage to force him out of his body, the Umbra Staff immediately eats him whole and spits out a few fragments.
You want a list of the times it's happened?
Then the Vaath uses its maw-tipped feeding tendril to burrow into its helpless victim's body, and the fiendish predator is sadistic enough to make sure its prey is alive when the Vaath begins to consume its organs.
Worse, the Vaath is telepathic, and not only broadcasts its enjoyment of the meal to anything in range, but also the exact flavor and texture of the victim's innards.
And no one, not even the most vile of souls from a cannibalistic culture, is immune to the horror of learning what one's own intestines taste like.
In the mythology of Glorantha Kajabor, the God of Entropy had been killed and was threatening to destroy the dead gods who were defending Hell from his onslaught, when the benevolent spider goddess Arachne Solara ate him alive and soon after gave birth to Time.
During the Third War for Armageddon, seeing the Flesh Tearers fall prey to their bloodlust and start devouring their enemies had the almost unprecedented effect of shattering the Orks' morale so throughly that they fled the battlefield.
Most imperial guardsmen are known to commit suicide if they live to this stage, as the Rippers will happily devour anyone and anything even if they're still alive.
Worse still, they'll take their time but will immobilize their foes; leaving you to agonize at their jaws while being completely unable to do anything about it.
The Rippers themselves are then eaten alive in-turn when they toss themselves into the digestion pools, which melts them down into a meat slurry to be funneled up to the hive ships to produce more tyranid bioforms and continue the cycle.
The basic fleshborer's name is not a euphanism; it fires a tiny black maggot that finds any crack in your armor or soft cloth and digs in straight through you.
The entire process lasts about a few seconds but it's devastating enough to be comparable to a bolter round which is a rocket-propelled grenade in lethality.
The aptly named Devourer does something similar and resembles an infested, swollen penis head to boot.
At the far end of the spectrum, there's the Red Terror and Mawloc, who just straight up devour anyone unlucky enough to not get out of their way the Mawloc is suspected to be made from the Red Terror, who might be a "prototype".
You can summon a rat horde, but be careful - they're neutral and will eagerly try to eat their summoner alive.
If you get too close it will pick you up and eat you.
Mara is stripped of her weapons and fed to a Rancor, which will eat her as a if she gets too close.
Either way, it's pretty gruesome.
Sometimes the T-Rexes escape and eat guests as well, but only the male guests.
Also, if dinosaurs or any big cat of any kind escape, they eat their zookeepers and scientists.
Unusual in that he doesn't chew or swallow, simply engulfs his prey in his own mass, absorbing them whole and yes, it's painful, judging by the screaming.
It's noted explicitly that he paralyses first, breaking their necks or spines, but death is an optional and undesirable extra.
The larger infected sometimes do it as well; the introduction of the Hunters features one snapping up and chowing down on a screaming Marine.
Any slain enemy in battle is eaten by the party afterward, getting points toward unlocking new abilities.
However, there are special skills that can be used in battle which are Hunt type attacks that, if they succeed in doing enough damage to kill an enemy, will result in that enemy being consumed directly in one hit while the fight is still going on, for a bonus amount of Atma points.
This does carry a risk though that the character doing the consuming develops a stomach ache ailment for a time, but having the passive skill Iron Stomach prevents these aches from developing in the first place.
The venom keeps you as you incubate the babies, which eat you alive after hatching.
You fortunately don't get to see it, but you do get to hear nasty crunching sounds.
It even has an attack where it chomps off a large chunk of its targets' heads as a when it.
The Treasure Art for killing it solo naturally shows a group of knights getting devoured by a horde of Killer Rabbits.
If you don't quickly escape, however, he'll soon swallow, resulting in an instant regardless of your remaining health.
Some creatures such as Beak Things will also start devouring you if they defeat you.
The databook has drafts of all the kids's executions though obviously, only some of them were used in-game.
Two of these prospect executions would've had the victim being subjected to this: would've been in awhereas would've been eaten by a door in a game show.
This has more significance then most examples, because her death might lead to the extinction of the entire human species.
As a small child, she was kidnapped by two mutants.
One ate her sister alive in front of Helen, piece by piece.
Helen spent years in an institution afterward, and now hates and fears mutants.
More disturbingly, a later story has shown that it's not over for at least the former yet — since Carmilla is a fledgling demonicthey've ended up in their own special kind of hell whose inhabitants still like to prey on each other.
Convenient, given that he was a cannibalistic.
Also an unnamed man in the first episode gets his guts ripped out by a zombie.
Specifically, the electronic blackjack games at casino episode has the Duck Guy awaken to see his body cut open and his innards slowly pulled out and devoured by a can monster, giggling as he eats.
Duck Guy can only gape and watch in horror as he's slowly eaten alive.
It is also worth mentioning that there is a barely-visible IV drip, implying that he is being kept alive for as long as possible.
Ratburn and Bionic Bunny.
Later Buster’s go here in the story ate the slime.
In one fantasy Arthur imagined D.
When everyone ran away she told them to “Come back here!
” After chasing them for a little she reaches down to the camera and it fades to black suggesting she picked someone up and was about to eat them.
In another episode where all the gang was dared to skip school Arthur and Buster had a dream that they got eaten by a giant clam and were getting digested!
It is suggested that that happens to Dark Bunny in a special episode just like Robin in the Batman episode The Joker‘s Tricky Hand.
Rhyminstein gets eaten by the Purple Orange.
This of course charlie card blackjack rule 5 Robin off and he tries to kill Clayface when he says he can’t bring her back.
The girl was a part of Clayface in the first place.
Emerging weakened from his most recent defeat, he had shaped part of himself into the semblance of a young girl, detached "her," and sent her out to scout the area to make sure it was safe for him to emerge.
Because of their shared weakness, "Annie" promptly got amnesia, forgetting not merely "her" mission but "her" identity.
Clayface didn't so much eat "her" as re-integrate a rogue portion of himself.
He wanted the knowledge "Annie" had gained while apart from the larger Clayface, so her memories survived.
In the season finale the badger gets PO’d at a rat and eats him.
In Season 2, Chickenhound the fox comes back as the villain.
Also, no Constance the Badger did not eat anyone.
You should probably re-watch the show or re-read the books.
Fortunately, it was only her Lyoko Avatar her true self survived, just like was often the case for anyone who "dies" on Lyokobut that didn't make the scene or the episode in general any less frightening especially since it was after Aelita who, at the time, could not have survived if it happened to her.
Later in the episode a real man-eating dragon eats him and then.
So big they could swallow a gorilla whole whoa!
The gang then encounters a gaggle of giagantic frogs who subsequently eat them.
Fortunately Gabooboo gather enough courage to fight the frogs and force them to spit them out.
When Sabrina and Salem go to the magic world they encounter a ghost that was at the party and is completely paranoid.
When trying to avoid Sabrina and Salem it bumps into a goblin that Sabrina danced with the other night.
The ghost begs for forgiveness but the goblin replies: "Forgive you?!
I'm going to eat you!
The goblin then threatens to eat Sabrina and Salem but however turns into a doll before he can.
Manliness", when they introduce the leader of the Manotaurs an old Manotaur comes out.
It turns out that he's a sacrifice to the real leader, who eats the the tribute.
He's seen trying to crawl out of its mouth later, and at the end it's all but stated he ate his way out of the beast's belly.
Inside the bear's stomach, the two pissed antagonists hold up a sign saying "Don't Eat At Joe's!
Fortunately they are able to save him when they beat the master clown.
Spike and having to spit him out again.
And these are just the prominent offenders - one possibly could make an animation gag subtrope out of it.
Homer, in the role ofhas an unfortunate tendency to accidentally swallow the people making his giant-size meals, as he never waits long enough for them to vacate the frying pan before he eats.
This particular trope happens to Lenny, and Groundskepper Willie, who states that he found a way out.
Throughout the episode he eats Mr Smithers, and Marge's father.
Lions, wolves, African wild dogs, cheetahs, snakes, hyenas, fish, lizards, turtles, dogs, leopards, eagles, baboons, vultures, bears, dholes, pelicans and probably more have been caught doing this.
They tear things apart, bit by bit, and their victim is alive throughout.
Insects don't die by blood loss if they lose a limb.
Locusts feed on grass normally, which is pretty low on protein.
So what do they do when they don't have enough good food?
They go find a dead locust.
For extra gruesome points, it's the young ones who do it most often in groups.
It could be why they move and form such huge swarms: they move because they don't want to be eaten.
After that, time for the spider to inject digestive fluids in the package, let them enter into the victim's innards through the wounds caused by coccooning them so, and suck the resulting soup.
Lather, rinse, repeat, and all of this taking place while the prey is still alive.
All amphibians and most fish swallow all their prey alive, and a good number of reptiles and birds will at least do this to small prey.
They crush ants against the the roof of their mouths before swallowing.
Pack-hunting species may have simply weakened the animal together and then started feeding, as the body position of the prey animals' skeletons suggest that they were in death throes as they died.
The accused, a declared cannibal, obliged in spades.
A rather disgusting part of the court transcript revolved around the "first cut" of meat being the penis of the deceased, which the consumer described as "disappointingly tough and stringy".
While the female and male are mating, the female slowly devours the male's head.
Despite this, the male is still able to mate with his partner even with his head gone!
After that they simply munch until they happen to hit something vital.
Once the eggs hatch, the wasp larvae eats it alive from the inside out, devouring its organs in a specific order to make sure that it doesn't die before the larva is ready to form a chrysalis and become a new adult wasp.
Some plants fight back against this trope with thorns, tough outer coatings, and toxic or indigestible substances, but fruiting plants exploit it by purposefully coating their seeds with expendable nutrient-rich tissues that seed-dispersing animals will eat.
The bombardier beetle, for example, after being swallowed by a frog can cause a rather unpleasant chemical explosion inside of the frog's stomach that causes it to toss the beetle back out.
Allegedly, this may have continued to happen as late as World War II with rats in trench warfare.
During the attempted rescue of their friend, Donna.
Hayes splits up with Micheal and confronts Yorga himself.
However Yorga manages to set a little trap for him to feed his three vampire brides.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from.
During the attempted rescue of their friend, Donna.
Hayes splits up with Micheal and confronts Yorga himself.
However Yorga manages to set a little trap for him to feed his three vampire brides.

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From Blackjack bomber to 'Soviet Concorde': Legendary Russian planes left behind by Tupolev's late chief designer · Russia Today 2019-12-31. Built to keep ...

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Ultimate Blackjack Vore Game Erika Download MP4, HD MP4, 3GP, MP3 video Full HD youtube videos | allo-hebergeur.com
Nor are we talking about the blackjack game vore kind think Edward Snowden.
So, truth be told, we believe that we are officially on intelligence overload.
Artificial Intelligence — Affectionately referred to as AI, this is a sub-field of computer science with the goal being that computers can do things normally done by people -- in particular, things associated with people acting intelligently.
Currently, no computers exhibit full artificial intelligence that is, are able https://allo-hebergeur.com/blackjack/213-blackjack-online-free-miniclip.html simulate human behaviorthough those that simulate game-playing against human opponents come awfully close no, we are not talking about those blackjack slots in Vegas.
Other types of AI include expert systems: programming computers to make decisions in real-life situations; natural language; robotics self-driving cars ; and neural networks think voice recognition and natural-language processing.
Ok, so simply sorry, surrender sign in blackjack very, it means this: your company has a lot of quantified information i.
Simple blackjack game vore and reporting, online analytical processing, statistical analysis, forecasting and data mining are all examples of BI using your database.
Competitive Intelligence — CI essentially means understanding and learning what's happening in the world outside your business so you can be as competitive as possible.
It means learning as much as possible - as soon blackjack game vore possible - about your industry in general, your blackjack game vore and business environment.
This is straightforward information gathering from sources such as customer and competitor interviews, industry experts, trade shows and conferences, government records and public filings.
Social monitoring and trending can often be thrown in this bucket though the definition goes blackjack game vore deep as dumpster diving and as unethical as hacking to learn about other companies.
Actionable Intelligence — Think of Actionable Intelligence as any information that would propel you in a positive direction against your peers.
Yes, it sounds a lot like CI.
In fact, ideally, all CI would be actionable.
So while your team can gather intelligence on a variety of topics and from a variety of sources, not all of it will be applicable to the specific needs blackjack game vore the specific timing of your business.
Vendors like to label their products as delivering actionable intelligence but in practice it is often wishful thinking and requires deep knowledge blackjack game vore tuning by the customer.

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You Trick and Blindfold that Bubbly Cute Fighting Game Girl and... nicomidori. ASMR Ejaculation Management Broadcast~ · Blackjack: $11.13 / 1,210JPY ...

Part One: Are we on “Intelligence” Overload?
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card game vore - 123Vid
blackjack game vore

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Game: The Best Collection of Hot and Free Gambling Adult Vids with Sexiest Gals Playing. Strip blackjack game made hot teens fucked. Strip poker vore.

Infovore » 2010 » May
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Eaten Alive - TV Tropes
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It's a lot hotter if she's stating such a blunt and obvious thing because prior to landing in that stomach she had absolutely no clue where she was or what was happening, or just not conscious.
She suddenly landed before that human huntress who glanced nervously at her but first thought she was too big to be eaten by the diminutive predator.
Then to her shock and horror, the harpy not only tried, by firmly clamping her mouth over her upper half, but, with the help of gravity, and some stubbornness, eventually succeeded to swallow her!
After all the dizziness of the process, this is the moment the final realization settles in.
Not bad at all.
I hope he expands on that.
Usually actually referencing any of these kinks directly is a terrible idea, but I think it's still possible for it to be done well.
I can't think of any vore ones off the top of my head, though.
I'll try to paraphrase the greentexts.
An anon shrinks himself down and tries to get captured by a girl in the hope that she will torture him and eventually kill him - a combination of fetish fulfillment and assisted suicide.
There's a problem, though - the girl who finds him turns out to be terribly compassionate, and can't stand the thought of him being hurt.
He begs her to do something to him, anything at all, but she's convinced he has mental problems, which only strengthens her resolve in caring for him.
When I'm not fapping to vore I'm pretty much a gentlefag, so I filed it away in the list of story-concepts-I-might-try-to-write-eventually-maybe.
At least then I could convince myself it's just some generic dude.
It was just a guess, he did quite a few drawings in different styles.
File: 501KB, 657x1019px Image search: I cannot for the life of me remember who drew this.
It seems so familiar.
It would have been better if the size difference was a bit bigger.
You'd think there would be a lot of it.
I know hamilton4 on Eka's Portal has some but they're all same size stuff.
Female majins need more love considering they're all about absorbing stuff.
I'd put him second only to Boogie.
Right now I'm making a text based game, I'm not into vore at all, but for one scene its appropriate.
If any anon could write some erotic text, doesn't have to be too long, can be only 2 lines or even a couple of paragraphs depending on how much you can think of.
Its really hard to write stuff when you're not into it.
I'll write for you.
Give me some time, I'll see what I can come up with, I'll post tomorrow okay?
I'll do both scenarios.
As far as the third and fourth ones go how about.
It's like a stuffing and vore combined.
Please no more dated movie references.
File: 272KB, 1195x1000px Image search: Thank you very much anon, all of the scenarios you blackjack game vore are pretty much perfect.
Do you have a name you go by?
I'd be more then happy to put your name down for helping in the creation of my game.
Now I have a new fetish.
File: 1MB, 5000x3000px Image search: Will definitely add your name to wherever I make the credits shown.
I want to know, has anyone here read my stories before?
I'm writing a few more, and was curious how popular the "micro vore" scene was.
Maybe it's just the same blackjack game vore />If it helps get your interest, I've gotten some praise from Observer in my thread on ekas before.
There's no understandable feeling of intimacy or anything like that.
It's not really degradation either- you don't degrade something the size of a grain of dust, it's so small compared to you that you can't even pay attention to it.
Also not vore but caster is mai waifu so I will allow it File: 631KB, 1200x960px Image search: Condom eating is a fetish for some folks.
As for the source?
The appeal of giga is that the giantess has tremendous impact with minimal effort.
It's the display of power.
Look at the picture.
The fighter planes are so small they can't even scratch her while if she shifts her weight even a little, several neighborhoods will be destroyed.
Giga is purely domination material.
Her vs Everyone's insignificance.
File: 394KB, 744x1000px Image search: I only read the first story, but it was very well put together.
Enough detail, a decent story element, but most of all I enjoyed the plot twist retribution.
Excellent job, thank you for writing!
File: 543KB, 943x1200px Image search: Holy shit dude, so I got around now to reading a couple more of your stories.
This is definitely some nice blackjack game vore, I will be returning to read them again for sure.
Are you still looking for story ideas, or have you got a pretty solid content pool to choose from?
I've been kind of partial to the whole family vore thing ever since reading that one CYOA, I think it was called The Mansion?
If you're still looking for inspiration, anyways.
In any case, keep on writing!
Just doesn't get involved much I guess.
I've got 3 ideas I think are solid.
The one Im writing now is pretty similar to a couple I've done before, but the other 2 should be unique.
What do you mean by family vore?
File: 809KB, 800x966px Image continue reading Long story short, brother, told in first person, shrunk somehow.
His younger sister, who was always mischievous, ends up finding him and swallowing him whole, like she had done to his gold fish in the past.
I can't seem to find it anywhere on the interweb, or I'd post something from it.
Wasn't put together the greatest, compared to other stories, but the idea always intrigued me: her having been the smaller, younger sister before, now the much larger pred.
Take a guy who was already a pretty reclusive lurker, he starts producing content, gets a following.
A child might think the tiny girl is actually meant to be a snack, or eating a person is an acceptable punishment because they were being mean.
I don't see whats attractive about family members eating one another though, and first person seems kind of restrictive to me.
This is why I long for death to take me in my sleep.
So hard to distance myself from this shitty fucking fetish so I can keep a cool mood when people say this shit.
Here's my picture tax.
Thank you for the vent.
The guy you're responding to is an asshole, that sig is completely illegible.
I have no idea either.
But watching oddly-proportioned learning deal blackjack online girls eat other prepubescant anime girls just makes me think it's such a waste of artistic potential.
I want to be digested by peppy, dopey schoolgirl.
File: blackjack game vore, 1111x719px Image search: Is Eka's down right now?
Need more of this in my life!
If I bought it that's what I'd do.
File: 2MB, 2880x1620px Image search: Is seeing a smile like that from inside her mouth even possible?
The art is kinda fucking with me here.
I might need to make sure it's okay.
File: 1MB, 1196x892px Image search: Yep, Nytes new giantess video Chocolate Delight is 30 bucks Patreon only.
Absolutely no artpacks or individual sells.
I Sense a Scam in the force.
I can toss 10 or so article source probably if any one is willing to go part ways maybe.
I also posted another pic in the wrong thread, Giantess thread.
Then VMNunlimited returns after like a 4 year hiatus and makes 2 of the most amazing animations ever since theWiking2000 stopped making stuff.
It's nice to see a felarya pred struggle for once.
His new stuff is animated way worse than it used to, with worse looking models, and it doesn't hold a candle to stuff from regulars https://allo-hebergeur.com/blackjack/strategy-of-blackjack-tournament.html Zapor, let alone Wiking I mean I'm happy that VMN is back to making videos but his old work was better than what he just put out, so it'll take a while before his content is worthwhile again.
It's been taken off of YouTube and I wasn't smart enough to have saved them back when I had first found them.
File: 226KB, 445x576px Image search: A Weekend Alone 10 comes out Sunday.
Looks like a Christmas present since it sneaked its way in between two releases already this month.
Hope it's got more vore stuff!
I see they are getting some cola to drink so maybe some burps will happen?
Willing to bet the people trapped in the mom's stomach get burped out.
VMN's old stuff was quite crude until the Hibari vid.
I would love to see more humanoid vore from him instead of just monsters.
He is now using MMD over Poser.
Which I also feel is a downgrade.
But everything for mmd is free and easy to access.
While Poser you either buy or find a site that pirates.
From that stupid intro, broken english, and wonky models, they are barely blackjack game vore />IT should not be 30 fing dollars for a version with sound.
Could have been way way longer, but still awesome.
I have 58 Giantess Videos, Of which I am uploading on a Very Very slow dialup.
Choice 1, I can give you the few videos that been uploaded and thatll be the end of that.
STFU and let me finish getting them all up and give it out then.
Give me money to Buy Internet Montly High speed + Installation to where the hell I am at or stfu entirely.
Even if the person blackjack game vore promised it doesn't ever deliver, the person doesn't NEED to do it, you are getting for free.
Also that is not worth 30 fucking dollars.
That is not a bad deal on my end.
Missing some of the best parts of vore when they cut it off so soon!
It's kind of on the long side I don't think it's as long as The New Policy, at least and Learn more here suppose it should be warned that it contains more sexual scenes than I've done before, so I'm not really sure if I'm any good at that.
You be the judge.
File: 622KB, 700x2000px Image search: Is there a story where instead of the predator swallowing the prey, she just keeps them in her mouth for an extended amount of time and molests them with her tongue?
Maybe I'm just a piece of shit, but the ending was really cruel, and I was just hoping the tables would turn somehow.
It's done, but needs some editing, and that won't be done till after Christmas.
Good to see you writing!
Diamond dick material through and through.
I had to pause while reading a few times to make it through.
I didn't particularly like the dick sucking part though, especially her getting jizzed on.
The whole cock and semen thing in general.
Other than that though everything was perfect.
The betrayal and deception was especially hot.
The taunting was great too, not enough people write it like that.
You are a god among men god bless you observer What a great Christmas.
The whole cock and semen thing in general.
Yeah I suspected I'd rub a few people the wrong way with that one.
And desu I'm always writing, I just end up deleting or never releasing about 50% of it out of shame.
I have a complicated relationship with this fetish.
Let me save you all the trouble.
No vore through the whole thing.
Barely any good giantess stuff.
Just the guy hanging in the bra.
The two girls talked the entire comic and then at the end they brought the coke to the mom and she started drinking it.
So the next comic will probably be the one to get where the mom most likely burps them out.
Chapter 10 though, don't bother.
At least I can calmly sleep now knowing that this comic was nothing special or even worth anything.
File: 959KB, 2000x3112px Image search: That's a shame, but hardly a surprise given that it's GiantessFan.
I feel like https://allo-hebergeur.com/blackjack/offline-blackjack-game-software.html waste of space, I'd much rather be some exotic appetizer on some cuties entre' and here some brief enchantment to her meal while i slosh source in quickly fillingwobbly pit of her warm mushy food.
Thank you for uploading though, anon File: 99KB, 640x627px Image search: Anyone have any of those Russian vore vids?
I think they are called emi.
File: 526KB, 985x905px Image search: Omg!
Anon you don't want to watch those "russian videos" That shit IS REAL!
They get EATEN for REAL!
Did you even try?
If you want it Instantly, go buy it.
There was another Very good vore video of a giantess one, but I can't quite remember where it was from, it was being sold for 50 bucks but was removed after a few weeks.
I should have the preview around here somewhere.
Personally, if you shared that, it would be a great blackjack game vore to a shitty year and I'd be very grateful!
Take all the time you need, I won't complain about that at all.
Thank you in advance, even!
You are a hero to me.
File: 627KB, 800x3810px Image search: Karbo's also touched on UB, can't wait for the full comic here's the WIP's hes released.
I assume if I found it I'd be disappointed though.
File: 413KB, 640x562px Image search: It's shitty flash animation tier stuff.
It's 10 years old now I think.
But trust me, once you watch it you will lose all interest in it.
It's a curiosity more than anything, but you read more google and find a 50 meg file out there on the aether.
Don't know why anyone would like it, but more power to you.
File: 2MB, 2910x2461px Image search: I believe that's something I found by chance but I don't remember the dub being there first time I saw it.
I think I downloaded it via pornhub.
Still no share, you killing me fampai.
File: 157KB, 774x1032px Image search: bit of a request here: any one have anything which either has lots of spit in it or tracer from overwatch?
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