🎰 WOW GUIDE PVP PVE: Hunter Marksmanship PvP Guide 3.3.5

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This guide was written for a level 70 Hunter, if you're 71-74, the enchant values and stat. consider when creating a twink is the racials, below is a list of the relevant ones for PvP.. To get the best in slot gear you'll need the follow reputation.

Cataclysm Hunter Guide
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Cataclysm Hunter Guide
Sniper Class - Marksmanship Hunter PvP - WoW BFA 8.2

🤑 Hunter mm pvp

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Which Hunter Race is BiS? Alliance Races. Best in PvE = Night Elves, Best in PvP = Dwarf or NE. Night Elves:.. Proceed into Marksmanship Tree: 5 Efficiency ...

The Best PvE Hunter Build for WoW Classic - Odealo
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Hunter - Pre raid BiS List for hunters on K3 | TwinStar
Create a new account Don't have an account yet?
Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds.
Credits are the medium of exchange on Odealo.
Thanks to a wide range of utility abilities, high movement speed, loyal animal companion, and the ability to deal decent Damage while not fully geared, He performs very well in the initial End-Game Dungeons and Raids of Classic.
Moreover, last Talent from the Marksmanship Tree, the Trueshot Aura, allows Hunter to provide a good DPS boost to all physical damage dealers present in his group it also makes it beneficial to spread Hunters evenly between melee DPS Raid groups.
One of the main advantages that Hunter has over other Classes is his ability to deal solid damage from a very long range.
This ability, combined with good mobility, decent armor, versatile toolkit, and above-average Health pool makes the Class easy-to-play, but also deceptively hard-to-master.
These traits also make the Hunter an ideal Class for encounter-specific tasks, like kiting and picking off adds from a distance.
Sadly, Hunter is not without some quite severe problems.
He does not scale with gear as well as other Physical Damage dealers do - Hunter gets outpaced by Rogues and Warriors in lather Phases of the game when it comes to DPS.
On top of that, one of Hunter's main advantages - his loyal Pet, also proves to be one of his main limiting factors.
A large portion of His DPS comes directly from it, which means that is the Pet dies, Hunter's Damage output visibly decreases.
This forces Hunter players to micromanage their Pets to keep them alive, which can be problematic as Pets suffer full Damage from enemy's AoE attacks.
Lastly, Hunter is an Agility-based Class, which means that he shares many BiS gear pieces with Rogues and Warriors.
This makes gearing up rather difficult Rogues, Warriors, and other Hunters can make up over a half of a 40-man Raid.
Luckily, Hunter's utility stays strong throughout all WoW Classic Phases, so there is always a place for few Hunters in every Raid.
Pros Cons Leveling up as a Hunter is a formality Completes for Gear with Rogues and Warriors Good Damage output in early Raids Scales with gear worse than other competing Classes, which means that his DPS final, forum best online casino how of in later Raids, compared to other Damage dealers Pet Pet requires micromanagement Great Utility Lack of self-healing Solid Crowd Control Hunter-specific mechanics, like Pet feeding and ammunition, limit inventory space and force additional expenses Easy-to-learn Hard-to-master Good Mobility The Dead Zone not as big of an issue in PvE, luckily The Best Race Choice Note: Here, we will point you only towards the best PvE DPS Hunter Race.
If you'd like to know more about other race picks, please check ourwhere we dive deep into all available Hunter's race choices for both factions.
Alliance The Dwarf is a clear winner on best in slot mm hunter pvp Alliance side.
His Stoneform is quite powerful in PvE setting as it increases survivability and allows you to quickly remove any annoying or deadly Disease, Poison, and Bleed effects applied to you.
However, Gun Specialization, while quite good on paper, does not make much of a difference because you will be using Bows, most of the time, anyway and Ranged Attack mechanics make all ranged weapon specializations much less impactful than their melee counterparts.
Horde For a pure PvE character, Troll is the clear winner on Horde's side.
Unlike Dwarf's Gun Specialization, Troll's Bow Specialization actually makes some impact mainly, read more increases your Critical Chance with Bows by a little bit.
On top of that, Berserking is the only Offensive Racial Cooldown available for the Horde that impacts Hunter's DPS Blood Fury increases Melee Attack Power only.
It is worth noting that you can't go wrong with an Orc either; you will lose some DPS Pet Damage bonus is nice, but pets tend to die on youbut Orc's Stun Resist racial is overpowered in any setting.
The Best Professions Choice There is only one profession that makes a real impact in Raids and it is Engineering Alchemy is also a decent option, but you can buy Flasks, Elixirs, and Potions from other players, which makes it much less impactful.
It gives you access to powerful explosives that increase your AoE and Single-Target DPS.
On top of that, it lets you create and use a wide range of powerful, yet a bit unreliable and dangerous gadgets that can be useful in very many situations.
Moreover, Scopes and Ammunition crafted via Engineering are your bread and butter Engineering lets you craft bullets only, but that is not a problem as you can trade in Thorium Shells and receive Thorium Headed Arrows in exchange.
The fact that Engineering is also considered the best PvP profession is an added benefit to its power in the PvE environment.
At the start, you should pick Mining to supplement your Engineering Skill, you can always switch it to another profession of your liking later on keeping Mining will allow you to save a lot of money, however.
Note: If you want to know more about all available professions and secondary skills, please check our detailed.
At level 60, with a Weapon Skill of 300, you have a 5% chance to miss with a special attack against a Target of equal level.
Against level 63 Boss, who has 315 Defense skill, you need 9% Hit Rating to never miss a special attack.
This means that getting 9% Hit Rating is paramount for a Raiding Hunter and should be your first goal when gearing up.
Crit is a powerful stat for any Hunter and should be prioritized after you get the Hit Cap.
This is Hunter's main primary statistic.
It also scales well with buffs, which means that you get more value from your Agility in a Raid setting.
All Hunter's attacks and offensive abilities scale with Attack Power, but this statistic should not be prioritized over Agility as 1 point of Agility is worth from ~2,5 to ~3 points of AP depending on your current buffs.
This statistic does not affect your DPS directly but allows you to survive incoming Damage for longer and dead Hunter deals 0 Damage.
Hunter's DPS abilities, used in his standard rotation, do not count as "Spells", so all this statistic provides is increased mana pool.
This statistic should not be prioritized, but it shouldn't be overlooked either; some Intellect is needed to ensure that you don't run out of mana during a fight.
The Best Talent Builds Proper Talent allocation is essential for maximizing Damage output.
Here, we will describe the most optimal Hunter PvE DPS specs and lead you through the Talent Trees level-by-level to explain some choices.
Instead of going up the Beastmastery tree after getting MM's Trueshot Aura, this build opts to go for the Surefooted Talent, from the Survival Tree, that provides an additional 3% Hit Chance, which makes achieving hit cap much easier.
On top of https://allo-hebergeur.com/best/best-friends-casino.html, the build is a bit more forgiving you are more likely to survive mistakes if you use this Build over the second option as it provides you with some extra Health and a decent defensive tool in the form of Deterrence.
If you want to make best in slot mm hunter pvp most out of this Talent setup, you have to keep your pet alive and make sure that its uptime the time when it attacks the boss is as high a possible.
You should use this build if you have 9% Hit Chance from Items and know how to optimally micromanage your pet.
Note: If you have 9% Hit Chance from items, you should put 5 Talent points here at the expense of Surefooted.
One of your main sources of Damage.
This minimizes your downtime by allowing you to attack from further away and makes you better at kiting again, you can aggro mobs from further away.
Great in situations when you accidentally pull aggro on an add; also useful for kiting.
Note: its Attack Power and not Ranged Attack Power, which means that it affects DPS of Rogues and Warriors as well.
This ability increases Hunter's viability in Raids and secures him a spot in melee groups.
A bit less useful than Monster Slaying, but quite good nonetheless.
Treat these two points liberally; you can assign them to Entrapment or Improved Wing Clip best in slot mm hunter pvp - all three of these Talents have a minor impact and are heavily RNG-dependent, but you have to spend 2 points somewhere to unlock the third tier of Survival Talents.
Melee Hunter FTW actually, this can be useful if you are forced into melee.
It makes you more likely to survive mistakes and Raid mechanics that force you to take a hit.
This can save your life, so click to see more is nice to have if you don't like it, you can take 2% extra health from Survivalist instead.
Great Talent if you are still Gearing up or your Hit Chance is lacking.
After achieving 9% Hit Chance from Items, you should transfer these 3 points into Improved Aspect of the Hawk.
Your overall DPS depends on your pet, so this Talent is very solid it makes your pet much less likely to die and dead pets deal no damage.
If you have problems with keeping your pet alive, you can move 2 points from this into Improved Revive Pet; doing this will save you some time, mana and being shouted at for slacking by Raid leader after an encounter in which your pet has died.
This Talent provides a 20% increase in your Pet's Damage.
This gives your pet 15% additional Critical Strike Chance.
Short Pet Compendium Battle effectivenes of different Hunter Pet types may vary greatly.
Some of them are excellent Tanks that deal low damage but can withstand severe punishment, while others are rather fragile, but excel at shredding Hunter's enemies with their fangs and claws or can do a little bit of everything.
For Eng-Game group PvE content, you want one of the two latter types.
If you tame a level 1 Boar at level 60, you will end up with a level 1 Boar.
Always have some of your pet's favorite food with you!
Pet Training points are gained by a pet based on its level and its loyalty note that pets are capable of learning just a few pre-designed skills, based on their pet type.
The Best End-Game Hunter Pet types Wolf Wolf's Furious Howl ability grants 45-57 extra Damage on the next strike to all party members within 15 yards on a 10-second Cooldown makes this pet type the best for Raiding.
This is because a Wolf can stay on Passive mode in a relatively safe place and still affect the Raid's damage output.
Note: Wolves in Lower Blackrock Spire have the highest Rank of Furious Howl available early in Classic's content.
You should try to tame one of them.
Boar Boars have a high health pool which allows them to withstand damage and a charge ability that allows them to engage in combat quicker than other pet types, but their overall impact is lower than that of Wolves.
Note: Boars are great in PvP, however.
Cat Cats have very high offensive capabilities - they deal good damage and have high attack speed.
On top of that, they have an interrupt ability, which means that they improve Hunter's utility.
Sadly, they don't have any ability that would impact their performance while they stay passive, so they are suited mainly for Leveling and PvP.
Note: Broken Tooth, a rare Badlands Cat spawn has the fastest attack speed in the game, which makes him great against Caster enemies.
He is Level 37 however, so leveling him up might be problematic if you don't tame him at an appropriate level.
Wind Serpent Similarily to Wolves, Wind Serpents can affect Raid's check this out output from a distance.
Unlike Wolves, Serpents do not buff your allies, they breathe Lightning Bolts instead!
Lightning Breath ability ignores armor, which makes it great against Bosses.
Note: Son of Hakkar is the only Wind Serpent that has access to Rank 6 of the Lightning Breath.
He resides in Zul'Gurub, however, which means that he is not available in Phase 1.
Also, remember that it is the ranged armament that gives you the highest DPS boost, so you should start by getting the best Hunter bow available.
Below, we present you the BiS Best-in-slot list for all equipment slots.
While getting enchants is a one-time-deal, farming consumables might be a real chore, but it is still worth it as numbers clearly show.
The recipe can be dropped from Balnazzar, Stratcholme.
Elixir of the Mongoose +25 Agility and +2% Critical Strike Chance for 60 minutes.
It can be bought on AH or directly from an Alchemist.
Cerebral Cortex Compound +25 Intellect for 1 hour.
Obtained from "Infallible Mind" repeatable Quest, Blasted Lands Juju Might +40 Attack Power for 10 minutes.
Reward from a reputable Quest best in slot mm hunter pvp from NPC Witch Doctor Mau'ari, Everlook, Winterspring.
Winterfall Firewater +35 Attack Power for 20 minutes.
Drop from Winterfall Furbolgs in Winterpring this is an alternative for JuJu Might, as the effects don't stack.
Major Mana Potion Restores 1350 to 2250 Mana.
Recipe drops from various high-level mobs, elites, best in slot mm hunter pvp Bosses.
Demonic Rune Restores 1356 mana at the cost of 862 life.
Drop from Demons in Azshara, Felwood, and Blasted Lands Satyrs and Fel Guards.
Grilled Squid +10 Agility for 10 minutes.
Created by Cooking, Raw Squids can be fished, but only best in slot mm hunter pvp Winter.
Brilliant Mana Oil +12 Mp5 and +25 Healing Power for 30 minutes.
This is applied to a Weapon.
Note: You can also use much cheaper Lesser Mana Oil Rotations In Classic, Hunter's rotation revolves around maximizing Auto Shot usage.
In most situations, you will want to use your Abilities between your Auto Shots, without clipping into them; if your Auto Shot is off cooldown, you should use your Ability AFTER a shot is fired.
Note: The exception from the Auto Shot rule, in some situations, is the Aimed Shot - it is actually better for you DPS if you use Aimed Shot immediately after it comes off cooldown if you have a fast Ranged Weapon Equipped Faster than 3.
Spending some additional Gold or a few extra hours grinding might secure you a spot in a Raid, as Raid leaders prefer dedicated and well-prepared players.
This will require you to stand near the melee range so that you can quickly close the distance, Cast Raptor Strike and disengage from melee remember that minimal Ranged Attack distance is 8 yards.
This way, spamming your Auto Shot Hotkey will not cancel it.
It will show you when your Auto Shot will trigger and enable you to maximize your DPS by timing your abilities correctly.
Get an addon that tracks your performance and try to optimize your equipment and rotation.
END NOTE This Guide should help you to prepare yourself for that legendary Vanilla Raiding Experience and allow you to progress through Raid Tiers efficiently and with a good amount of fun.
We hope that you have found https://allo-hebergeur.com/best/best-odd-slot-machines.html guide useful and informative.
If we have missed a piece of information that is important to you, please let us know!
Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.
Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment Inc.

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Which Hunter Race is BiS? Alliance Races. Best in PvE = Night Elves, Best in PvP = Dwarf or NE. Night Elves:.. Proceed into Marksmanship Tree: 5 Efficiency ...

Marksmanship Hunter PvP (Cataclysm) - Eternal Wiki
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Best Legion Legendary for a MM Hunter (lvl110 with exp locked) - Hunter - World of Warcraft Forums
Marksmanship Hunter PvP ►Tips and Tricks◄ Rise of Azshara 8.2

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Marksmanship Hunter PvP is doing just fine in the Warlords of Draenor.. This could be a useful talent in certain situations (that make the best use of those.. Every gear slot has two options for the honor gear and three, with sufficient faction ...

Marksman Hunter Raiding Build - Talents - Glyphs - MM Shot Priority
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Reddit - wow - How's the Hunter in BfA? Used to play it in Vanilla and never touched after the mana>energy change
Greetings to both my fellow underlings… er, hunters and anyone else visiting this thread, welcome to the Hunter Tactics and Strategies corner of our forums!
There are hunters among us, who are new to Vanilla and may be unaware of the fact that gameplay mechanics have undergone many substantial changes, as the game developed to whichever expansion you might have played in the past.
And so I've decided to begin with explaining the basics — you can read here about the proper build, spell rotation, you'll be able to best in slot mm hunter pvp here a list of pre-raid BiS, as well best in slot mm hunter pvp a list of regular enchants and how to get them and required raid consumables and much more.
I went through many hunter Vanilla guides while writing this, but I didn't get the impression that the majority of them is correct at all.
You can find the list of the sources below.
This fact is also reflected in how hunters benefit from individual stats and how the stats convert — which will differ alot from both melee physical damage dealers and spell casters.
Attack power is the stat that increases dps the most — both, white attacks and most special abilities scales with it so it basically translates into raw dps.
Whereas some of our abilities scale with spell power e.
The additional critical strike rating from agility will increase your dps more than the attack power and the profit is getting bigger, the more agility versus attack power we compare.
Here is also worth mentioning that agility, unlike attack power, is influenced by buffs that increase stats by %, for instance.
To determine how much attack power corresponds to 1% crit, check this — the table on the left shows by how much every additional 1% crit increases your dps; the table on the right shows attack power conversion to % increase in dps — you can adjust the calculation by changing the value of your current average dps in the yellow highlighted cell.
These stats are very important to hunters and both of them are weighted down by reaching the cap at some point.
For a more detailed explanation, read the following paragraphs.
Since missing an attack results in the greatest dps loss, reaching the hit cap should be priority no.
There are several ways of increasing your hit chance — mainly through gear, then enchants ZG enchants —see Enchants sectiona scopesee Enchants section and last but not least, your talents Surefooted, see PVE Builds section.
But what exactly is the hit chance and what specific amount is needed?
In addition, the effect is not linear and there are actually two different formulas built in the Elysium open source code see ; line 3077-3130 : line 3083: Base miss chance is set to 5%.
best way to money casino troll or dwarf racial bonus, that is additional +5 weapon skill to bows gunsbase miss chance against lvl 60 mob remains unchanged, i.
For a better overview of the miss chance against lvl 63 mob bossi.
In general, physical critical strike refers to 100% bonus damage twice your normal damage that occurs as a result of an attack.
Beyond that point, you should focus on stacking mainly attack power.
Crit rate is not based on hits only.
In other words, if you have a 5% crit rate, that 5% chance includes misses.
So if I have a 5% base crit rate and then use an item or talent that increases that crit rate let's use Improved Backstab talent for example - +30% critmy new crit with backstab is 35%.
Regarding how defense decreases the rate of critical strikes, each point of defense that a target has over the attacker, the attacker loses 0.
So, for example, if a level 60 Rogue is attacking a level 60 Warrior who has 25 defense, the rogue's crit rate will be decreased by 1%.
If you feel like you are able manage just fine, feel free to go for the alternative talents mentioned above.
You lose a lot of dps on misses, moreover you don't wanna miss utility spells e.
And be glad you don't have to bother with glancing blows like the melees have to :D.
Zul'Gurub Important note: Any hunter, participating in ZG raids: I don't want you to use the Entrapment talent Gives your Immolation Trap, Frost Trap, and Explosive Trap a 25% chance to entrap the target, preventing them from moving for 5 sec.
The reason is following: we are supposed to use Frost Trap what best books on playing blackjack something slow down + kite around the Withered Mistresses, they must not be prevented from moving, otherwise they which would in fact mean you wipe our melee folks and then you answer to me.
Non-hunters reading this haha, you have no life if you read this pls just don't use immobilizing stuff on those thrash mobs mages don't use Frost Nova on those packs etc.
Then I'd recommend taming ZG Serpent over Bloodaxe Worg because in that case you'll want your pet to actually do dmg and Serpent does definitely more dps than Bloodaxe.
I prefer to keep my pet on passive during raid times because otherwise he dies so very often from best techniques for playing roulette and ends up not doing any dps anyway.
Note: If you go for this build be sure to max up fire resistance on your pet to keep him alive.
There are some other viable builds that are supposed to have good dps output as well, e.
Also it should be noted that Hunter's Mark has by default the lowest accepted raid debuff priority 16th debuff — you can't add more debuffs on any target, this should be clearand as such gets substituted with other more usable debuffs on some encounters, if that's the case, don't use it.
Spell Books: In Vanilla, not all the spells can be learned from trainer, but some skills or maximum rank of some skills have to be learned from spell books.
This includes Tranquilizing Shot and with the 1.
Unfortunately Best sports casino vegas Sting doesn't make it to the list of 16 default raid debuffs, which means you won't get to use it in your normal rotation.
At least you'll enjoy it all the more when you can use it at Ony's flying phase and a couple of more encounters, but by default, don't use it.
It shares cooldown with Aimed Shot and doesn't scale with attack power, which makes it mostly unusable.
I'm going to make a little detour here to explain ranged weapon attack speed.
It should be apparent that you want your ranged weapon to be as slow as possible.
The idea behind this is following: consider the 3 second cast time of the Aimed Shot, obviously, the faster the ranged weapon you use, the more Auto Shots are being clipped the majority of ranged weapons will clip one Auto Shot, some extremely fast bows can even clip two.
So, using simple mathematics, the ideal attack speed of a ranged weapon would be 3.
To maximize your dps you should watch your Auto Shots and start casting Aimed Shot right after your Auto Shot launches so that you synchronize Auto Shot — Aimed Shot rotation and avoid any delays, that would cause longer breaks of Auto Shooting than needed.
The Aimed Shot is helping you in syncing the Auto Shots, but it's your job to time the Aimed Shot itself.
It might take you some time to perfect the timing, but at the end you'll be able to intuitively determine when to start casting Aimed Shot.
The best way to learn the timing for casting Aimed Shot is to listen to the sound of the Auto Shot arrow being fired and start casting Aimed Shot right at that time.
The Auto Shot animation takes some time to perform so just watching your character might result in incorrect Aimed Shot cast timing.
Another dpsing ability you want to use is Multi-Shot ofc always watch for polymorph, sleep.
So, if you put it all together, the ideal cycle with 3.
A little problem is with Multi-Shot which cooldown takes 10 seconds.
That means that in the second cycle you'll cast Multi-Shot at 4 s instead of 3 s and so on.
After few cycles you'll get to the point where Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot cooldowns ends simultaneously.
At this point you should always prefer Aimed Shot over Multi-Shot.
It should be kept in mind that the effect of this ability strengthens the more the more hunters are present in the raid group.
Because missing Tranq Shot in situations like this can lead to wipe, I recommend to use Tranq Shot announcer addon to keep a better watch over your misses.
Traps An inseparable part of hunters are their Traps.
For Bloodaxe Worg users: Furious Howl FH buff management Just to be clear, FH gives an extra flat 45 to 57 damage to next physical attack of your party members — that means that it doesn't matter if you buff you Aimed Shots or Auto Shots.
If you're using a Bloodaxe Worg be sure to keep FH buff up all the time.
There is one annoyance with FH you should be aware of: if you receive the buff while an arrow is already in the flight, the buff won't affect the shot at all and will disappear from the hunter without any effect the shot counts as your next attack but does not get buffed by FH, i.
So, in the mentioned case you'd just waste your pet's FH cooldown.
Considering this, you shouldn't use FH during shot casting but you should instead wait for for the moment when Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot are both on cooldown and just buff your Auto Shots but don't forget to wait until the previous shot hits the target.
Sitting and drinking will drop your dps the most.
Here's a list of pre-raid hunter BiS items.
You should always keep in mind that it's important to adjust the gear composition to your needs, generally speaking, with pre-raid BiS you should always focus on reaching the hit cap.
In order to be able to obtain this quest, you must complete the quest first starts at in Camp Mojache.
Once you've got yourandyou just simply turn in those for your enchant at.
This NPC is located in ZG, at the top of one of the pyramids, directly behind The Venom Pit.
Not only does it greatly increase your dps, but particular encounters require specific consumables to be popped in order to increase your survivability during the fight.
Note that the said amount is only rough estimate and is intended to last for one raid night.
Also note that this list corresponds to the current game version on Anathema serveri.
You can find the link for even more detailed list — some alternative options are mentioned there together with the list of materials needed for individual buffs and few other notes.
The capability to resurrect other raid members or rather res the resserin such situation, gives your raiding team a great advantage.
It shows that a clear choice for your Primary profession should be Engineering and through it the potential to use or trinkets.
Note that in order to make this macro work, your Cables have to be in the first poker app open face best of your backpack.
Choosing the second Primary profession leaves basically two options — Herbalism or Leatherworking.
Prefering Herbalism as your second Primary profession will help you alot in this.
And with Herbalism, the possibility to pick on your way makes your runs even more profitable.
The other possible option here is Leatherworking for a simple reason — to be able to craft your own pre-raid BiS, i.
Therefore when choosing your Leatherworking specialization, go for Tribal or Dragonscale.
Also note that with Tribal you are able to craftwhich is a quite high in demand cloak for healers, so you can also earn some extra gold in this way.
Skilling up the other two, i.
Fishing and Cooking is up to you, but being able to fish and cook your own stuff saves you alot of gold.
You are brilliant, Dhralla!
Thank you for compiling all this useful information.
Amazing guide, keep it up!
That's just pure crap.
From my experience 5-6% hit on thrash and 9% on bosses is optimal.
I don't know if the servers are set badly, but I miss like max 10 shots in whole MC raid with 5% hit.
I have tried stacking fire res and it's garbage, it just doesn't work well.
Therefore you should go for max armor, then stamina.
For talents get Thick Hide and Imp.
That way even if your pet dies in fight, you can have him ready for next thrash pack in a few seconds without huge mana loss.
I have no idea.
Bloodseeker is literally better in every aspect.
It's easier to get, it has same speed, but better both low end and top end dmg and also has more agility.
You will always get only +25 agi.
Elixirs shouldn't stack, but Scroll and Elixir should afaik.
Therefore a possible bug here.
I don't know what you are doing there, but I am able to farm Mara runs 3 bosses on reset instance cooldown and I have to be VERY lucky with drops to get even 50g per hour.
I have picked up Herbalism recently and didn't try with it yet, but unless you get 8+ stacks of Ghost Mushrooms per hour, then it's obvious misinformation.
Anyways really good job, I agree with 99% of this visit web page />These are just my two cents.
Agility is worth more then your statement.
About the rotation, i heard many things about "full" and "clipped" cycles.
You don't speak about that?
Nice guide btw Missing 2 better types of ammunition.
Missing Fiendish Machete in 1H weapons.
Missing Juju Strength for the pet.
And grats on Elysium sharing it on their Twitter :p About the rotation, i heard many things about "full" and "clipped" cycles.
You don't speak about that?
Nice guide btw That basically depends on how fast your weapon is.
Usually when your weapon is faster than 2,8 you will always want to clip your shots.
If you are going to copy and paste my Reddit post on hit, you could at least link to it in the Sources and Credit section.
You put a lot of work into this and it looks good.
I put a lot of work into gathering that info too.
But during the boss fight and again, the boss fight should be taken into account the most the situation is usually different, and that most of the aoe damage is magical which for MC and BWL means fire, for AQ nature.
I definitely agree that in many situations Arcane Shot is a useful ability, but I think we all agree not to use in terms of dps.
Nitsujcm The calculations result mostly from the code, and the information stated has also been verified according to the Vanilla WoW Wiki, that is actually listed in the sources.
All valid points from your side.
I still think winning 1 AV will be faster than getting the Carapace xbow though.
Also you shouldn't need the extra stamina most of the time, but it can be valuable in some encounters.
Great guide and compilattion in general, especially for less experienced hunters, thanks for making it.
There are several points on which i disagree in the guide itself and in the comments below.
I will quickly adress some of those.
Sending pets to be cleaved is just not a right approach i think - keep it with you on Destroyers in MC for example.
And on cleaving mobs send it from their back.
In that conditions a troll hunter has 1720 RAP and 27.
Long story short - approx.
Let's make a qualitative analyses: It is obvious now that RAP doesn't affect all of hunter's damage output as you state - on the contrary, it affects only about half of the damage output.
This rises from your wapon having it's white damage, you projectiles as well and having raw +damage on both your dps shots - 600 on aimed and 150 on multi.
At the same time crit does affect all of hunter's damage.
What is also apparent from the formulas 1 and 2 is that relative effectivness of RAP and Crit increase depend on the current ammount of both these stats you have.
For example, lets imagine that you have 1720 Article source and, i don't know, 3000 RAP and same 27.
In the case with imaginary 3000 RAP an increase in 46 RAP will bring about a 1% damage increase, while an increase in crit chance of 0.
As you can, with increasin your total RAP the value of RAP compared to crit chance rapidly diminishes.
What follows from that is that there are no "crit caps" or anything like that.
Raiding Consumable list: Booze: +10 or 15.
Fish: 25 STA, 6 or 8 mana regen.
Does not stack with Blasted Lands potions.
Does not stack with other AGI elixirs or any AGI scroll.
Health potion: Major Rejuv or bandages.
Major HP is generally not recommended as it shares a CD with protections while doing less Oils: +8.
If it's not enough, then just dual wield 2 charges.
Mana potion: 900-1,500, stackable up to 5.
I don't mean superior.
I mean combat from PVP vendor.
Mana rune: Another 900-1,500.
Does not share CD with other potions, but shares with Healthstones.
Food: Alterac Manna Biscuit.
Not much reason to buy anything else.
Things not to use: Jujus are a waste on a Hunter unless you have low fire resist.
Major manas are also stupid, and even superiors are a waste vs combat pots or mana oils.
If you want to save more money, you could also skimp out on booze, as another 10 or 15 STA won't change much.
For ammo AV is a waste vs thorium.
Those are china bullets for their 5 hour long field of strife turtles.
Blasted Lands potions have no purpose unless you can't get zanza.
Scrolls have no purpose unless you don't want to pay for a AGI potion.
Flasks are probably the biggest waste of gold, and should be the last thing you ever consider using.
There's no flask for AGI, crit, or even AP, and you can already get enough HP or mana from everything else.
How come aren't in the Pre-BiS list?
Because they are crap.
If you dont need hit, get Spaulders of the Unseen or Wyrmtongue Shoulders instead.
Raiding Consumable list: Best in slot mm hunter pvp +10 or 15.
Fish: 25 STA, 6 or 8 mana regen.
Does not stack with Blasted Lands potions.
Does not stack with other AGI elixirs or any AGI scroll.
Health potion: Major Rejuv or bandages.
Major HP is generally not recommended as it shares a CD with protections while doing less Oils: +8.
If it's not enough, then just dual wield 2 charges.
Mana potion: 900-1,500, stackable up to 5.
I don't mean superior.
I mean combat from PVP vendor.
Mana rune: Another 900-1,500.
Does not share CD with other potions, but shares with Healthstones.
Food: Alterac Manna Biscuit.
Not much reason to buy anything else.
Things not to use: Jujus are a waste on a Hunter unless you have low fire resist.
Major manas are also stupid, and even superiors are a waste vs combat pots or mana oils.
If you want to save more money, you could also skimp out on booze, as another 10 or 15 STA won't change much.
For ammo AV is a waste vs thorium.
Those are china bullets for their 5 hour long field of strife turtles.
Blasted Lands potions have no purpose unless you can't get zanza.
Scrolls have no purpose unless you don't want to pay for a AGI potion.
Flasks are probably the biggest waste of gold, and should be the last thing you ever consider using.
There's no flask for AGI, crit, or even AP, and you can already get enough HP or mana from everything else.
Why don't you like Grilled Squid?
Best hunter food out there 10agi.
Just plan ahead and fish lots of them for summer-time.
Also, i don't agree about L buff Ground Scorpok Assay.
I usually buff up in DM+Felwood, then HS to Kargath, fly to Stonard, take 1 Scorpok, pop it, take another one and move to ZG island where i log out till the raid time.
That way i have Scorpok up for 6 or 7 of BWL bosses if you clear fast you could have it for all 8.
Also, i don't agree about mana potions i play on Darrow, so can't really tell the difference 2 oils will make.
But i prefer to always stay on the safe side and never go OOM, so i use Major Pots and Runes when needed requires you to predict the fight duration and the ammoount of mana you would need.
If i just need a bit of mana, i use Superiors or Combat pots, yeah.
Jujus are great imo.
When feeling rich i use AP jujus on pet as well.
FR jujus are nice for some bosses.
I also use Agi scrolls 3 or 4 on pet, those give him a bit of crit also only when im feeling rich lol.
I never see them when I fish.
I get a full stack of 15 STA booze and still no squids.
Probably because it's a winter fish and we're in the middle of best in slot mm hunter pvp />There's almost no fights where best in slot mm hunter pvp don't take damage.
It's also twice the duration, and persists through any deaths.
Literally no contest here, and you go to the island to buff anyway, as opposed to having to make pointless laps to Blasted Lands to farm beasts.
I listed the most money efficient options.
It's also why I list the 8 oil instead of the 12.
The 12 costs so much more that it's not worth it.
I didn't list the best possible thing you could use.
I listed what makes the most sense.
It makes more sense to sell them to the melee.
But again, use them if you want.
So the code for hit cap has now changed: For those who want to work out what the hit % required is for each weapon skill now, I created this little JavaScript snippet: 1 GL getting squids.
I never see them very best casino in connecticut matchless I fish.
I get a full stack of 15 STA booze and still no squids.
Probably because it's a winter fish and we're in the are best rng roulette system free opinion of summer.
There's almost no fights where you don't take damage.
It's also twice the duration, and persists through any deaths.
Literally no contest here, and you go to the island to buff anyway, as opposed to having to make pointless laps to Blasted Lands to farm beasts.
Yeah, had to stuck up on squid before april.
They are gonna be back in october or november.
Well, i do agree that for progression zanza is def better than BL buffs.
Given the Mortal Shots bonus, isn't it always better to go for crit rather than hit?
You gain more from a crit +130% than you lose from a miss -100%.
I don't see why it is particularly necessary to max out hit.
For example, if I have a 100% hit chance and 15% crit chance, I would on average do 119.
If I traded 5% hit for 5% crit 95% hit chance and 20% crit chanceI would expect to do 121% of normal damage 0.

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Demon Hunter. Havoc · Vengeance. Druid. Balance · Feral · Guardian. Hunter. Beast Mastery · Marksmanship · Survival. Mage. Arcane · Fire · Frost. Monk.

The Best PvE Hunter Build for WoW Classic - Odealo
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Ten Ton Hammer | WoW Hunter Guide: Playing a Marksmanship Hunter
Vanilla Hunter PvP Guide!

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$ 200

The only exception to this would be a PvP marksman hunter that may.. Several of the reward items are some of the best per slot items you can ...

Bloodmallet: data for all
Valid for casinos
Marksman Hunter Raiding Build - Talents - Glyphs - MM Shot Priority
Attention: This guide is quite old as you may have noticed by the screenshots.
I may possibly update it for Warlords of Draenor, but in the meantime, it is here for the sake of nostalgia, or for those of you running older versions of WoW.
Marksmanship is a great spec for raiding.
The shot selection is more diverse than Beast Mastery, yet not as complicated as Survival.
Marksmanship texas holdem order of betting more mana pool micromanagement than the other two specs.
All in all, Marksmanship has a lot going for it.
It provides powerful single target damage, incredible AoE DPS, an insane raid wideand huge closing power at the end slot restoration in shaman gear best boss fights.
Because the spec brings a lot to the table, while not possessing a terribly difficult shot rotation, Marksmanship is a good option for players new to the class.
If not, I recommend pulling points as needed from Improved Hunters Mark and putting them into Focused Aim.
Only one Hunter in the raid group needs to have the talent in order to benefit from it.
Marksman Hunters and Armor Penetration Prior to theArmor Penetration builds for well geared end-game Hunters were all the rage.
This was attained by using either Mjolnir Runestone or Grim Toll, and by reaching an Armor Penetration soft cap not including the bonus from the trinket proc.
With Mjolnir, 567 ArPen was needed, and with Grim Toll, 620 ArPen.
In other words, 168 more ArPen.
Trying to reach that mark would force a Hunter to have to sacrifice a ton of agility, therefore compromising the overall effectiveness of the build.
Armor Penetration and Arcane Shot On the other hand, there is a point where a Marksman Hunter can drop Arcane Shot from their priority and see a DPS increase.
Somewhere around this point is where dropping Arcane from the priority yields an overall DPS increase.
Arcane Shot should still be used in movement heavy fights, but dropping it from the regular rotation can produce more damage with enough Armor Penetration.
This the build I would recommend provided you meet the Armor Penetration requirements to drop Arcane Shot from the priority.
For a concise article on this subject, check out over at OutDPS.
Players with higher latency may not see the added benefit from this glyph and therefore may be better of with my next suggestion.
Pet Choice and Pet Build Wolf is the best choice currently, solely for the Furious Howl buff.
Currently ~350 or above.
Serpent Sting is refreshed by Chimera Shot, so you need not worry about keeping it applied.
Serpent Sting scales with RAP, so reapplying it during a trinket proc will net more damage from not only the subsequent ticks, but also from Chimera.
In the event of an proc, try to use Chimera Shot to release the bonus.
The 15% damage bonus and 20% mana cost reduction is too valuable to spend on Aimed, and definitely not for Arcane.
This can sometimes be a difficult chore in the heat of battle, so an addon such as can be beneficial here.
Use Readiness immediately following Chimera or Kill Shots for back-to-back goodness.
Due to this fact, proper aspect switching is essential.
The main issue of note here, is that you never want to cast Chimera Shot while in Aspect of the Viper.
The reason for this is, Serpent Sting is an AP based ability.
For a good explanation on the mechanics of Serpent Sting and the dangers of Aspect of the Viper, here.
Silencing Shot is not on the global cooldown, so you can macro it in with other shots for added DPS.
The talents are not lining up with what is currently available in game.
However, the current build is pretty much identical as far as point placement goes.
At higher content you need the added mana regen.
Regarding Arcane shot with a Arm Pen build you really need around 700 Arm pen to drop arcane from your rotation.
I have found this is also boss specific.
If you have bosses that have really high armor then casting Arcane can be useful but when you get above 700 arm pen then you need to drop it from your rotation best in slot mm hunter pvp only use it when your moving.
IMO Improved Barrage + Aimed Shot Glyph is a good combo, if you have like no Latency then i could see using the Chimera Glyph and dropping the 3 pts in Barrage and moving them to IHM.
Taurion January 22, 2010 at 11:49 am Many thank´s Antigorius and Garwulf for the answer and the help!!!
But with that answer another one appear in my mind loli use to play with mm since the biggening and i love it ,i remember here to change to sv for the searching of the highest dps, and with the dual talent that was my goal.
Thank´s and best regards for both!!!
Taurion, Due to the new mechanics of TBW and BW, agility is really a pretty good choice for BM.
Agility scales with Kings, where as AP does not, plus it gives you some crit, which helps to proc GftT, Cobra Strikes and other pet damage enhancing abilities.
Raw AP is still slightly better for BM, but not worth the extra expense in my opinion.
Just stick with agility for your gem slots.
Furthermore, arp being the highest build lends itself to Aimed Shot critting around 14-15k, obviously more with 2p 10.
It also provides a much larger window, rather than 2 shots back to back to refresh Serpent Sting on an Exploit proc.
I did quite a bit of testing with staggered AS and CS using aimed glyph and found several things out of line with your remarks.
First, there is no increased uptime for ISS procs.
The uptime chance is just that, a chance.
The percentage does not increase based on WHEN you fire steady shot but best in slot mm hunter pvp importantly on how many times you fire it.
More steadys means more chance BUT given the nature of our 10sec rotation and the limitations of a global cooldown, if fully hasted, you can only fit four steady shots into the rotation no matter when you fire them.
Hence your chances still remain 4 x 15% proc rate.
Further, having aimed take up half of your ISS procs still seems like a waste of this talents full potential as Chimera is still going to give you biggest return on your investment as it does more damage than AS and requires more mana.
Yes, aimed did a larger chunk of the damage pie but chimera decreased and my overall average damage was also markedly lower, all else being equal.
The majority of % damage procs last at least 10 seconds.
I would however like to encourage you to share your tips and offer playstyle changes that might confer a specific advantage to using aimed glyph over hawk or kill shot.
Nobody likes secrets lolz!
Many thank´s Antigorius click here Garwulf for the answer and the help!!!
But with that answer another one appear in my mind loli use to play with mm since the biggening and i love it ,i remember just to change to sv for the searching of the highest dps, and with the dual talent that was my goal.
Thank´s and best regards for both!!!
I realize that Glyph of Kill Shot can yield higher DPS than Hawk but it is a highly situational choice.
It procs often enough to give me a very consistent 9 second rotation +latency that ensures that Improved Steady Shot is used for Chimera alone and never Aimed shot.
Chimera costs more mana than Aimed and also does a larger chunk of damage and thus gains the most from ISS procs.
The core rotation looks like this: Chimera 1.
Both Chimera and Aimed have 10sec cool downs and as soon as you fire off your fourth Steady Shot you should be able to slip right back into the beginning of the rotation.
While the 15% ISS proc seems low, when you chain steady shots together EACH with a 15% chance I end up seeing 50% of my Chimera Shots affected by this talent which is a very nice damage boost and mana savings.
It is recommended, as Gar said, that you have at least ~350 Armor Pen before making the switch and best offline slot game for android least one proc trinket equipped.
I have a question about keeping my spec and i would like to know what it is your important opinion.
I am a dual spec hunter with sv for pve and mm for pvp ,my hunter already have all t9 set, increasing my sv stats, but talking with a high lvl hunter of my guild he said that the best think now is changing the mm for pve because the think that will drop in raids and dungeons will be better for stamina increasing my mm stats, what should i do??
Yes, ICC gear is trending toward the inclusion of a substantial amount of ArmPen, but there are very few clear cut lines dividing hunter gear from spec to spec.
Hi Taurion, I agree with what Antigorius had to say in response to your question.
As you start to obtain more gear from ICC, you may find that MM starts to pull head of SV somewhat.
Thing is though, the gap will be fairly small, and only noticeable once you have the proper mix of armor pen, ranged weapon, and a necessary trinket.
ICC gear is generally pretty well optimized for MM, plus MM also benefits a bit more from the new ammo than SV does.
Of course, there are other factors to consider as well, just as Antigoriuys had mentioned.
Which spec do you like best?
Are there other hunters you regularly raid with?
If so, what spec s are they?
Is replenishment often available in your groups?
Until you start becoming clad in mainly ICC gear, SV and MM will be really close.
The sole reason we choose this glyph as the highest dps glyph is because aparently it increases the total damage done by serpent sting making your chimera — serpent shots hit harder.
Well I did a lil test to see if it actually increases the total serpent sting damage and… on a heroic training dummy, with the serpent sting glyph, my serpent sting ticks for quite less than without it.
I did this test a while ago and since then i removed the glyph from my build.
Ah yes, you mean the effect is weaved in Marked for Death I suppose.
I forgot about it.
Also, first two should always be Serpent Sting and Kill Shot.
Chimera is completely out of the question, considering how physical is MM tree, 1s less cd on it will never give as much dps as using glyph best in slot mm hunter pvp steady shot or hawk.
I agree though, Steady shot will be tops best in slot mm hunter pvp next week.
That latency makes the Chimera shot glyph much less attractive.
Cale Steady Shot glyph is bugged.
It will be fixed in 3.
Of course, this is my opinion as well.
How did you arrive at this conclusion?
I consider Steady Shot glyph to be the best option for Marks in 3rd slot.
Which is why I usually pvp and run dailies in survival, but swap out to my mm spec for raids.
On my druid, and pally alts, their specs never seem to change much.
It brings another aspect to the game that I feel other classes are lacking.
Well, off to the training dummies to test some of your suggestions!
Thanks for having my back though.
I pulled up your Armory and I see you have a hit gem and enchant on your hands.
I use a mouseover macro for serpent sting.
I can keep my primary target targeted at all times and when serpent sting is about to run out I mouseover my secondary target and fire.
Martbenzak Good points definitely.
I also like your approach to speccing MM when the group lacks the 10% AP buff from either a DK, Enhance Shammy, or other MM Hunter.
We always have at least 1 Blood DK present, which is one reason I eventually went SV.
Thanks for the heads up on Wild Hunt.
Wild Hunt is showing a 20DPS increase for both MM and SV specs for me.
Per the spreadsheet I gain about 17dps using Wild Hunt.
I think one important thing to consider is raid composition and buffs.
If you use the build and rotation in this post it should net you solid dps if you have the right gear although I would move arcane to IHM if you have more than 350 arp.
I view the Chimera Shot Glyph as required for all MM hunters as it allows you to keep Serpent Sting up on two targets without having to cast Serpent Sting multiple times on each.
This is a pretty nice DPS boost if you can switch targets quickly and effectively.
Fawatam, Okay… here we go.
I guess the true test would have to be conducted in a live setting.
I may create a follow up post on this subject.
However, all of https://allo-hebergeur.com/best/best-slot-for-iphone-5-case.html is fairly inconsequential, as my 6847DPS Survival build trumps them all.
I had tried calculations using glyph of TSA and dropping arcane, but perhaps I missed something along the way.
Also ensure you are using the exact three glyphs I used.
Testing it in the real game environment is where I noticed the biggest improvement.
And yes, I technically have Arcane Shot on my bars, same with Multishot, however I rarely use them with a few exceptions.
Multishot to pull multiple mobs in a dungeon, and Arcane on fights like Hodir where I never stop moving.
Lower ranks of it can override your hunters mark.
It requires coordination on every single raid to ensure only one hunter is casting HM.
After a few best in slot mm hunter pvp of struggling with this, I eventually dropped HM completely and told fellow hunters in my guild to do the same.
At a certain ac deals best casino, the hassle outweighs the benefits.
Now if only Blizzard would fix this silly issue they broke in the last patch… Oh, one more thing.
One of the reasons MM is tough on heavily movement fights is the inability to cast Steady Shot and Autoshot while running.
Autoshot usually makes up the majority of my MM damage.
Which is why weapons are so important.
If you use a casting bar addon similar to Quartz, you can turn on the timer for Auto Shot Swing Timer and if you watch that carefully you can help minimize dps loss by stopping running for a split second to get that autoshot off.
OutDps covered my point on removing Arcane Shot from your rotation quite well.
Gar, can you kill comment 13?
Just finished a Toc10 with some random people.
They claim they never use it otherwise.
Oh https://allo-hebergeur.com/best/best-denomination-slots-to-play.html, or c pop a pot, but that depends on the fight as well.
Drole Draining bosses can be effective sometimes, at least i think so.
I used to do this myself, as it returns mana to you lickity split.
As for the points in Hawk Eye… it all boils down to what works for you.
I never expect people to read what I say as the end-all-be-all gospel of Huntering.
Thanks for your comment.
All of our instant cast shots can be used while moving.
I also suggest carrying mana potions with you as MM for boss fights so that you rarely should have to use Viper during that time.
As a MM hunter, due to high burst damage it is really important to use Misdirection.
Dalaila Improved Barrage is really very good for PVP when you may be getting trashed while casting.
For PVE, not so much so.
More AP for you and your pet, plus no mana cost which translates into less time in Viper and more mana to use for special shots.
BM has a massive DoT that attacks regardless of movemeent, and SV has an incredibly powerful insta-cast, non-armor-mitigating fire bomb available every 6 seconds.
Improved Barrage could be considered good for PvP, but not due to the uninterruptable Volley.
I only ever use Volley as a second Flare.
What are you talking about?
Improved Barrage gives more DPS per point than IHM.
And this is a fact, not an assumption.
You are correct sir.
This guide needs to be updated.
Around 300-400 armor pen you should investigate the following build.
Also note that the glyph of Aimed shot is in use as well as Glyph of the Hawk for more Aimed Shots and more Autoshots.
In this spec I take arcane shot off my bars completely and focus on chimera, aimed, and steady.
It also ensures that Improved Steady Shot procs are consumed by Chimera or Aimed.
It is VERY useful if not downright mandatory in a raid environment for the mana regeneration every time you pop Rapid Fire, which should be twice every 3 mins.
Fawatam I have 444 armor pen and I tried different builds at femaledwarf.
In all cases it resulted in a DPS loss.
Try the Viper-Hawk switch article source Steady only as mana-regen shot.
You will be amazed at how this brilliant solution by outdps.
I tell you this because I was one of those hunters who typically switch to Viper and keep up the normal rotation, until mana is high enough.
Well in that case yes, Viper kills your DPS a lot because you sacrifice good shots like Chimera and still consume mana to use them.
When I started using the outdps idea it was like I switched to Tier10 gear.
Dalaila can you provide some screenshots of your dps using that viper-steady tactic?
I am curious is it really that good, because personally, i use it only best in slot mm hunter pvp my pool is empty, and so far i can say it is affecting my dps for like 300-500 at least.
Dalaila, The spec you linked was my old spec before I went SV.
As is the case with everything I post on this site, I researched everything and questioned everything I already knew.
Singe target damage is what really matters here.
Dropping the ISS proc to 5% as opposed to 15%, then picking up RR, produces another ~75 DPS increase, for me anyway.
The rest of the additional DPS gains are by way of the Chimera and Kill Shot glyphs.
As SV, I very rarely ever have to go into Viper.
As MM, I was relying upon it quite a bit.
Believe me, I did my homework on this.
Having said that, I do appreciate the added bit about using Steady exclusively while in Dragonhawk.
That is definitely worth mentioning.
Learning to switch between On table craps odds betting and Hawk is a priority and -once mastered- your overall DPS will suffer a very little DPS loss.
Mana regeneration is usually a problem in 5man only.
In 10 and 25man can be handled quite good totems, pally Wisdom, ….
Anyway, learning to switch aspects in the correct way see below is the basic rule for a good MM rotation.
If you need more mana, switch again to Viper, shot 2 Steadies and then back to Hawk + usual rotation.
Using 2 Steady Shots under Viper will make you gain decent mana at the cost of a very small DPS loss.
Example: you are at 10% mana but the fight still needs at least 50% mana.
Continue your rotation in Hawk until all of your shots except Steady are on CD.
When you can fire Steady only, Switch to Viper and cast 2x Steady, then immediately switch back to Hawk and continue your rotation Chimera, Arcane, Aimed, Silencing.
When all of them are on CD again, switch to Viper and cast 2x Steady.
The simplified shot rotation for mana regen assuming Silencing Shot is macroed in your shots, so I wont include it here is: hawk Chimera hawk Aimed hawk Arcane viper Steady viper Steady hawk Chimera hawk Aimed hawk Arcane viper Steady viper Steady hawk Chimera … As soon as you have enough mana to finish the fight, just change your mana-shots: viper Steady viper Steady to dps shots: hawk Steady hawk Steady The point of using Steady only while in Viper is to maximize DPS.
Your strongest shots Chimera, Arcane, … will always hit under Hawk.
This site is in no way affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
HuntsmansLodge is powered byand :: Hosting provided by :: Acceleration provided by:.

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These Best in Slot (BiS)lists have been compiled to give a clear and consise reference for gear and other important. Warrior; Paladin; Hunter; Rogue; Priest; Death Knight; Shaman; Mage; Warlock; Druid. Hunter Best in Slot Marksmanship.

Level 60 hunter twinking guide - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft
Valid for casinos
WOW GUIDE PVP PVE: Hunter Marksmanship PvP Guide 3.3.5
This guide has been updated for Warlords of Draenor over at This guide was written for a level 60 Hunter, if you're 61-64, the enchant values and stat conversion values will be best in slot mm hunter pvp />Base Stats: Each race has different base stats, the amount it varies by is between 2-10 depending on race.
The races listed below are the highest for both factions.
If more than one from a faction is listed, they are equal.
The full list can be found.
Stat conversion Agility is the most important stat.
Even while at this cap feral druids, rogues and other hunters will still dodge shots due to the dodge gained from agility.
For every level above your own an additional 1% of both stats is required.
The highest level in this bracket is 64.
Pick what best suits your playstyle.
Below is an outline of the talents.
The listed glyphs are recommendations.
Aspect of the Ironhawk is a flat damage decrease that works well with the base 40% resil.
At this level Dire Beast is not worth it compared to the best in slot mm hunter pvp two.
If you have enchanting Lower City is the most difficult reputation to get, it's only possible by doing runs through or as all quests with them best in slot mm hunter pvp a minimum level of 62.
Assuming you kill everything that moves you should will get honored by clearing Sethekk Halls on the 8th run, less if you have access to the guild battle standards.
Professions Below are the benefits from all professions available to a level 60.
Gear The top items are the best in slot.
Since the classic versions of Zul'Gurub and Onyxia have been removed I am not including any loot that drops there.
Naxxramas gear from the BMAH is listed below.
A Level 60 Nightelf Hunter Twink in BiS Gear Prior to patch 4.
Drops from and requires friendly reputation.
Drops from and and requires neutral reputation.
Drops from and requires honoured reputation.
Drops from any of the three drakes in.
Drops from and requires friendly reputation.
Drops from and and requires neutral reputation.
This is from in.
You can get it at neutral then its upgraded as you progress.
PvP gear This set is no where near Best in Best poker sets uk />Use it while you work on your BiS set.
Black Market Auction House Gear In Mists of Pandaria the Black Market Auction House was introduced, bringing back the Tier 3 sets.
The 6 and 8 set bonuses have not been updated for focus and as such are pretty much useless, but the stats on the items, for most slots, are far superior than tier 2.
Also take into account that you will not be able to enchant the shoulders if you didn't keep any extras from ZG and the helm cannot be enchanted at all.
The is best in slot mm hunter pvp must have.
Some of these items are leather which will cause you to lose the bonus.
Assuming this trinket is used every cooldown this provides the equivalent of 33.
Gems For all slots regardless of socket color you should be using.
Later expansion enchants will scale lower than most earlier expansion enchants.
Enchants aren't listed in any order.
Pets For PvP train your best in slot mm hunter pvp in the Cunning specialization, this is for the ability.
The individual pet families also have their own special abilities which include a snare, slow, silence, stun and disarm.
The duration, cooldown and range of these spells are different for each.
At this level you'll be given 3 stable slots, select three abilities you want and swap between them as needed.
At this level it's not possible to tame exotic creatures, as such they haven't been included.
To get a pets unit type, while you have it out, copy the below please click for source chat and it'll be displayed in the default chat frame.
Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.
This site is a part of Fandom, Inc.

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The stat priority for Marksmanship Hunter in PvP is as follows:. will cover the best overall Azerite Essences for Marksmanship Hunters in PvP.

Marksman Hunter Raiding Build - Talents - Glyphs - MM Shot Priority
Valid for casinos
Marksmanship Hunter PvP in the Mists of Pandaria
Reddit - wow - How's the Hunter in BfA?
Now I don't know if it's viable in PvP, if it's ok in PvE or Levelling, can you guys tell me something about this good 'ol class?
Everything is ok for leveling nowadays imo.
I love my MM hunter but there are enough people who dislike it.
BM is fine I guess Survival is high tier best in slot mm hunter pvp PvP, "semi" high in PvE and BM is high tier in PvE.
Neither is completely busted but both are quite strong.
Survival in particular has a fun dps rotation once you click the following article some fun traits.
I don't think i'll do MM but just to ask.
Survival intrigues me for his originality, BM it could be cool but i like PvP more than PvE so, i don't know if it's good there.
Overall, more info is in a very good place right now with MM getting buffed.
That being said, it can boring, dull and unrewarding even when you are high on the damage, but a quick change of chars for a bit can fix that.
BM in PvP is too easily countered for the most part.
It's very gimmicky when it comes to structured PvP.
For world PvP best in slot mm hunter pvp random BGs it works fine.
MM is getting buffed next patch but it still lacks some utility so we'll see if the raw output can carry or not.
If you get the BiS azerite pieces your rotation will change absurdly.
And it'll become a complete clusterfuck of wrong balance by blizzard.
MM has a hard cap on consistent AOE damage with good burst.
My main is a survival hunter and it is the most fun spec I've ever played.
Be warned you'll hear a lot of shit from people for playing a melee spec when you have a ranged option.
I'm also levelling a balance druid right now as an alt and I'm having a lot of fun with that too.
Unrelated to your question but could anyone that knows tell me how easy a balance druid is at end game.
I don't have to be top dps, but I'm just curious if balance druid is hard to do good dps.
Is it fun in M+ too or you're talking about PvP?
In both cases you made me curious about that, fuck!
I've done +14 with several minutes left playing survival.
Sure, it's not as good as BM in a lot of cases, but you can make it work.
I don't care for pvp.
I was talking about raiding and mythic +.
Although some affixes I really don't like as survival, explosive is probably best in slot mm hunter pvp most hated.
In regard to pvp though, while I don't do much pvp besides war modesurvival hunters have a lot of tools that I think would make them good in pvp.
Harpoon to close distances quickly, maim and tar trap to slow enemies, an interrupt and a stun, the buffs from various pets, being able to heal your pet to full and yourself half your health instantly, turtle shell a shield that makes you basically invincible for 10 seconds, aspect of the cheetah to run fast for s short time, eagle eye to make all your abilities work from up to 40 yards away, etc.
We have a lot of tools.
Boomie rotation is really easy.
But unless you reach a certain haste breakpoint incarnation is just straight better AND easier to play with.
You can also spec into Furry of Elune, depending on the boss you face Zek for nuking small best in slot mm hunter pvp e.
I don't find the gameplay the most fun with the GCD changes, but that's a personal thing.
Honestly they have dumbed down each spec so any one is viable I loved MM and was MM from BC thru Legion.
But BM simply does more dps.
Hunters overall are solid and sought after, tho a very common class choice.
Survival and BM are both very strong at the moment.
Survival especially is very satisfying - you're a melee spec with incredibly high mobility, and one of your cooldowns allows you to use your melee abilities from up to 40 yards away.
It's also a lot of fun - harpoon, Wildfire Bomb, and Serpent Sting are all cool abilities that feel unique and interesting.
BM is pretty much the same as it was in Legion, meaning it's a very simple and very effective spec to play.
It has a very low skill ceiling, meaning it's hard to screw up your DPS, and it's also got unlimited mobility no cast times!
On the other hand, I wouldn't play MM currently.
They're really not doing too well.
I know, it's odd, i'm just really curious.
Oh god, it seems like it got a lot fun to play with the years, i want to try it!
If you want i can send you some great weakauras for hunter.
Furthermore it's a great spec for raidprogression because you don't loose dps while doing movement mechanics, compared to other range classes or melees.
I'd like that weakaura setting, never used weakaura with my paladin because he's very too simple but if since you mentioned a far difficult rotation maybe it's better if i try it.
Will post it here in 1 hr when I'm home For best in slot mm hunter pvp that's how my rogue interface looks: I'm not sure about the PvP side of things, as I really don't do much PvP.
As for M+, a hunter BM or Survival brings a ton of utility to the group.
Really the only things a hunter doesn't bring to the table are a battle rez, an AoE stun, and group stealth but then again, only one class brings that to begin with.
And the reason I specified BM and Surv here is because MM doesn't use a pet, which means their utility is slightly best in slot mm hunter pvp />A well-played hunter can bring a lot to a M+ group.
Woah, I'll create an Hunter asap after I've unlocked the orcs, 1000 points remaining, can't look forward to, thanks for the precious informations anyway!
Mm can get away with using a pet it's not much of a dps loss, in fact on single Target a pet is better.

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